I had wanted to post some pics of my craft/sewing room, that I LOVE to organize and make things more accessible and labeled.  I have different areas in my room such as scrapbooking, sewing, and craft stations set up, to make things easier.

Here is what you see when you first walk in my room.
To the left of my room, is my Cricut area. I have my thread storage on the wall, as well as my fabrics located under my Cricut table.  As you can see, I have used over the door shoe organizers for my yarn.  I also purchased some 4-hook wall mounts for my scissors to hang up at Walmart for cheap!  The furniture in my craft room was all furnished by Ikea.

The wall from the doorway is my scrapbook area.  I have used storage cube units I purchased from Walmart for my scrapbook papers.  I used curtain rods to organize my ribbons and that they are easily accessible to cut the length you need.

To the right of my room, there is another door which enters into our storage area.  My wonderful husband purchased my paint organizer and hung it up, so all my paints can be displayed and easy to find.  I also have my craft hutch where I keep all my craft items and wreath making supplies.
Moving around the room, I have additional storage for my jewelry making and other threads located on large spools.  I have a stamp shelf unit hung on the wall, to keep all my stamps and stamp pads organized and easy to locate.  I bought glass canister jars of various sizes to keep all the little embellishments and small craft items organized.
On my Cricut machine I created an inspirational meaning to what create means.  I have it seen as soon as you walk in the room, so you know when you enter, be ready to create something!
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