My Journey Pillow® adventure started 6 years ago.  These pics are from my very first pop up shop in a school lobby. It was an idea, a thought, a dream.  I started sewing a few years prior making clothes, costumes, handbags, etc. and I wanted to make something with a specific and unique purpose. 

I was a member of my children’s school PTA and helped with the book fair each year and I thought, a book pillow would be such a cute idea to encourage kids to read while traveling.  In my own experience, I found that giving a child something that is unique to them, they are more likely to use it for its purpose.  So I jumped in with both feet, coming up with a prototype, thinking of ways to make it fun and useful.  I invested in an embroidery machine, which was a whole new animal for me, to embroider “READ” on the pocket and later personalizing them with names. I did my first sale at the Spring Scholastic Book Fair in 2017 donating a percentage of sales to the PTA and they were an instant hit!  I had teachers and parents asking for custom orders almost right away.  Now mind you it was, and still is, a learning experience for me. I improved and tweaked my work as I continued, always looking for ways to improve my product as well as trademarking Journey Pillow® almost 2 years ago because I wanted my product to be known.

You are always improving your craft, no matter what it is.  Sometimes you just have to go with your gut, your dream, to know how it will transpire. I am proud of my small business and how far I have come. I look forward to what lies ahead and hope that anyone who has an idea, a thought or a dream, they go with it, no matter how scary or challenging it seems.  You just may love what you do or create and be successful!   

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