What has 2020 taught us to value?

Let’s stop and think about what 2020 has taught us as far as, challenges, lessons, etc.  It was a year full of heartache, devastation and sadness.  So, thinking of what 2020 has brought to us positively, is a challenge in itself. What have we valued most from this past year?  Looking past all the bad and finding the good is something to grow on while moving forward to 2021.  These are some things I have found valuable from 2020.

  • TIME:  I have valued time in a sense that there is never enough of it.  We get caught up in things in our lives, we lose the value of time.  This past year, time seemed to move slowly, with the pandemic, time was always an uncertainty.  Using your time wisely is of great value.
  • TRUTH:  Politics has been front and center this past year, with the election and the pandemic.  I have learned to value truth because it is hard to find through all the speeches, media and gossip.  No matter how much we may hate the truth, it’s better knowing it.
  • HEALTH:  This an important value to all of us. Some families have lost loved ones this past year, not only to Covid related deaths but other health issues. Sometimes in life we neglect to take care of ourselves because of how fast moving life is.  Staying healthy in this world, is not easy.  It takes work and discipline.  We adapt to our surroundings that make us feel comfortable, not knowing it could effect our health.  Think about how your choices with effect your health in the future.
  • HEALING: This past year has definitely wounded all of us in some way.  Maybe some more than others.  We need to heal before facing the next challenge.  If we don’t heal, we won’t get stronger and be able to deal with whatever life throws our way.  It is a process, but one that needs to be done. 
  • STILLNESS:  This is a hard one.  Stay still??  In this world?? Yup.  It can be done.  Sometimes just being still and reflecting is the best therapy.  Take time out for yourself and decompress.  Life has enough challenges, not being able to stop and catch a breath, will break you eventually.
  • LUXURIES: Did you know a car is a luxury? Owning a house? Getting your hair done? Taking yearly vacations?  To some, these are just every day things, but to others they may never have experience any of these.  I have learned to value these things this past year.  Because of the pandemic, some people have lost jobs, homes, cars, etc.  We take things for granted we work for all our lives, thinking these things are what we are suppose to acquire, but some may never get that chance.  Or they may lose what they have worked hard for in a blink.  Don’t take anything for granted.
  • FREEDOM:  Freedom allows us to confidently live our day. To me, freedom means to be able to go to work, school, walk around, and do almost anything without worrying about the safety of yourself and those you love. Unlike other countries, you don’t have to wonder whether you are going to live through the day.  Our freedom is what makes this country the most desirable to live in. Through this pandemic, we got a taste of what not having freedom was, being quarantined and told to stay in your home for an extended period was something we aren’t use to.
  • LOVED ONES:  How many loved ones have you lost this past year?  Don’t you want a chance to tell them or show them how much they meant to you?  Tell them now.  This past year we have gotten closer to our loved ones because of being quarantined, and in doing that, some of us have created closer bonds.  Instead of “family time” being a scheduled event, it has become an everyday event.  Value your loved ones and make sure they know how much they mean to you.
  • CONNECTION:  Connecting with friends and family has been difficult this past year.  No more meeting at restaurants, bars, even parks.  Our only connection for some has been via Zoom or another face time app.  Connecting to me, is meeting that person, shaking their hand, even giving them a hug.  I took all that for granted before.  I have learned to value that connection in the future, because as humans, we crave that in person connection.
  • OPPORTUNITIES: Seemed like any opportunity this past year was hard to find.  That promotion at work or that urge to want to start a new hobby, or even starting your own business.  In hard times such as this past year, everything was put on hold.  I have found that you cannot let opportunities pass you by.  If one comes, take it!  If you fail at least you know you tried, but not trying, you’ll never now how the outcome will be.  I will value opportunities when they come my way and never pass them up.
  • SMALL BUSINESSES:  having a small business, I have found tremendous value in it.  Starting was the hard part, keeping up with it is a little easier, but still has it’s tough moments.  You juggle other things in your life and throw in a pandemic, it can be difficult.  Other small businesses I am affiliated with, I feel their pain.  Thinking they will have to close up and some did.  Tough decisions and hard to make when it was your dream.  I ALWAYS support small businesses and will continue because you are supporting someones dream.
  • FRONT LINE WORKERS:  These people you can’t define in value.  Because they are invaluable.  They get up and go to work each day, no matter the situation, and give it all they got.  These workers are selfless, compassionate, and push to their limits.  Without them, there would be less of us.  Let that sink in.  Thank a front line worker any chance you get, they deserve more thanks than we could every show them.
  • THE PRESENT MOMENT:  This moment, right now.  What is your state of mind?  Are you thinking of how to better yourself?  Or are you thinking of how to help someone else?  Are you gazing at your children and thinking, I want this moment to last forever?  The present moment is the moment.  Because in a minute, you will never get that moment back.  Value all you moments, big or small.  Take chances.  You never know what tomorrow will bring, or should I say you will never know what next year will bring.


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